Hello Rhonda --

As an illustration of the effects of violating the commandment against
adultery, I can suggest a novel soon to be published by BookLocker: *Love
and the Israeli Terrorist Terminator* by Macabee Dean. I edited the book.

The Jewish author was a *Jerusalem POST* journalist for 30 years. The book
is full of modern Israeli history as experienced by the protagonist who
grew up in a secular kibbutz, served in the army, divorced twice, and
eventually married an orthodox woman. It provides insightful descriptions
of Israeli culture, especially differences in religiosity that are very
relevant today. And it contains so much excellent advice about how a young
man should select a wife that I sent a draft copy to my not-yet-married age
30 son.

If a member of your book group (or the entire group as a collaborative
effort) would write a review, I can send a copy of the eBook in PDF, ePub,
MOBI or AZW3 format to each member of the group.

Israel A Cohen
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... Just to add a little more info, I'm looking for 10 books to create a
year long celebration, so it would be any book that would illustrate,
illuminate, interpret any one of the commandments, thereby giving me one
per month. I would then hope to have one of our faculty members facilitate
a discussion of the book, and how it relates to the commandment. I of
course am hoping for Jewish fiction (Jewish author, Jewish culture, Jewish
history), ...
Rhonda Rosen
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