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> I think that much has to do with the historical division in computer
science.  We have mathematics on the right hand, and electrical engineering
on the wrong one.

I've been called many things, but electrical engineer is a new one!

My point was not anything at all to do with programming.  It was about
writing comments, which is fundamentally a communication activity.  That
makes a difference.  It's important to keep in mind that the worst possible
consequence of getting corner cases wrong here is likely that some
documentation will be confusing because the numbering is messed up in an
ordered list.

Pointing out that different processors treat markdown differently with
respect to bold or italics and such is ultimately missing the point.  For
example, I an aware that Reddit treats *foo* like italics while, say,
Google+ puts it in bold... but I really don't care.  What is really of any
importance is that both of them take reasonable conventions from plain text
and render them reasonably.  As far as I'm concerned, you can flip a coin
as to whether it ends up in bold or italics.

That doesn't mean the choices should not be documented.  Sure they should.
But it seems ridiculous to sidetrack the proposal to do something nice by
concerns about the minutiae of the syntax.
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