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> I'm trying to get a grasp of netwire by implementing a bouncing ball
> simulation and I'm failing.
> The ball starts from the ground with a given velocity and when hitting
> the ground the wire inhibits successfully. Now I'm kinda stuck.
> How can I make the ball bounce?

A very simple way to do this is to use integralLim_ instead of
integral_.  It allows the ball itself to handle the bouncing.  A less
invasive way (i.e. you can add it to your example) is to use the (-->)

    ball = integral_ 0 . integral_ 40 . (-9.8)

    aboveGround = require (>= 0)

    bouncingBall = aboveGround . ball --> bouncingBall

While this gives you a bouncing ball, the ball will not follow real
physics.  Once the ball hits the ground, it will just start over with
its original velocity.  integralLim_ is the correct solution.


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