Sven Panne wrote:
2013/9/27 Heinrich Apfelmus <>:
Actually, I'm reading about WebGL right now, and it appears to me that it
should be very easy to support in Threepenny. [...]

I am not sure if WebGL is enough: WebGL is basically OpenGL ES 2.0,
which is again basically OpenGL 2.0 plus some extensions. OpenGL
itself is currently at 4.4, and the situation regarding the supported
shading language versions is even worse. In a nutshell: WebGL =
ancient OpenGL. If it's enough for your purposes, fine, but otherwise
I guess a lot of people want something more recent.

Fair enough. I have never really worked with OpenGL and its variants, so I wouldn't know.

That said, from a cursory look, I get the impression that OpenGL ES 2.0 was the recent standard on mobile platforms. For instance, iOS 7 just recently introduced OpenGL ES 3.0 support.

Best regards,
Heinrich Apfelmus


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