This is available in the extended packages, however in general it is not 
recommended to compare cortical data across subjects or studies in MNI space or 
to smooth the data in the volume.  The reasons why are covered here:



 on behalf of redhatw <<>>
Date: Monday, February 19, 2018 at 1:11 PM
To: "<>" 
Subject: [HCP-Users] hcp preprocessed data in MNI space

Dear HCPers,
     I'm looking for a way to get the preprocessed rsfMRI data in the MNI 
space. I have only downloaded the preprocessed data, are there any tool to 
generate that or back-project the MSMAll.dtseries.nii into MNI space?
Also, is this file
already preprocessed?  I noticed that it is in the MNI space.


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