16 sep. 2016 kl. 22:07 skrev Victor Sudakov <v...@mpeks.tomsk.su>:

Henry B (Hank) Hotz, CISSP wrote:
I would like to copy some user principals from one realm to another
while retaining their keys/passwords. Which is the correct way to do
it a) within one multi-realm KDC b) between two KDCs?

If both are Heimdal, then I???ve done:

kadmin -l dump --decrypt | grep ^principal >xfr.file
kadmin -l merge xfr.file

Yes, but the xfr.file will contain principals with realms appended,
but I want to copy principals into a different realm.

Of course, I can use sed/awk to change the realm suffixes:

kadmin -l dump -d | grep ^principal |\
sed  's/OLD\.REALM/NEW.REALM/' >xfr.file

but are you sure the keys don't depend somehow on those suffixes
(maybe hashed realm suffixes, I dunno).

you need to use rename inside kadmin, so import w/o the sed and the rename.

This makes sure the salt is updated, your sed statement doesn’t do that.


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