I’ve done it with cross-realm principals so I needed to keep the realm intact.

I’m assuming, now, that *you* want to move smith@REALM.A to smith@REALM.B 
without changing the password. The standard password-string-to-key algorithm 
uses the realm name as salt in the algorithm, so that may not work if you’re 
naive about it. 

Assuming you’re running a version of Heimdal which saves the password salt in 
the text dump, then you should be able to simply change the realm in the 
principal name (column 1, ‘:’-delimited). Do NOT change the realm in the salt 
values in subsequent columns. This should do what you want as long as the 
clients respect the salt values supplied in the extra handshake. I wouldn’t 
guarantee that all clients will do so.

If you’re running both realms from the same DB, then what others have said 
about the rename command applies. It will do the change I described above, and 
you can restore the original principal to keep both.

If you’re using aliases, then note that aliases must be globally unique. 

If both principals are supposed to be kept in sync permanently, then I would 
consider a password quality plugin for the purpose. Aliases make me nervous, 
but maybe they shouldn’t.

> On Sep 16, 2016, at 10:07 PM, Victor Sudakov <v...@mpeks.tomsk.su> wrote:
> Henry B (Hank) Hotz, CISSP wrote:
>>> I would like to copy some user principals from one realm to another
>>> while retaining their keys/passwords. Which is the correct way to do
>>> it a) within one multi-realm KDC b) between two KDCs?
>> If both are Heimdal, then I???ve done:
>> kadmin -l dump --decrypt | grep ^principal >xfr.file
>> kadmin -l merge xfr.file
> Yes, but the xfr.file will contain principals with realms appended,
> but I want to copy principals into a different realm.
> Of course, I can use sed/awk to change the realm suffixes:
> kadmin -l dump -d | grep ^principal |\
>       sed  's/OLD\.REALM/NEW.REALM/' >xfr.file
> but are you sure the keys don't depend somehow on those suffixes
> (maybe hashed realm suffixes, I dunno).
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