On Mon, Oct 9, 2017 at 3:19 AM Harald Barth <h...@kth.se> wrote:

> Have I got this right?
> 1. Does write_dump(context, s, database, current_version) always write
> a comptele dump no matter the value of current_version?
> 2. Does write_dump(context, s, database, current_version) only use
> current_version to set the version of the dump?
> 3. I's named "send_complete", but what does it need the _two_ version
>    numbers for?
>    send_complete (context, s, database, current_version, oldest_version)
>    What does it use "oldest_version" for?
>         /*
>          * If the current dump has an appropriate version, then we can
>          * break out of the loop and send the file below.
>          */
>         if (ret == 0 && vno != 0 && st.st_mtime > initial_log_tstamp &&
>             vno >= oldest_version && vno <= current_version)
>             break;
>    It would be nice to get a better explanation what this is supposed to
>    do. I don't get it from the comment.

I'll see about updating the commentary.  The oldest version is the oldest I
the iprop log, so if the dump is older then it can't help the slave to send
it that dump and we must dump again.  This is here to avoid a pathological
case where we'll be sending full dumps to a bunch of slaves and we end up
re-dumping the HDB once per-slave -- or where we don't re-dump and end up
in a send complete loop.


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