Message are sent when the external source requests them (no cache in this
plugin so it is just a live stream).  From the external source perspective
this is a pull.  It could have simply been an HTTP request for the current
circular buffer time series data which is what I believe you want for
Prometheus.  If you wanted to go the other way the output plugin would be
an HTTP client that POSTs the data to an HTTP server.


On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 7:06 AM, Mathieu Parent <>

> 2016-09-21 15:57 GMT+02:00 Michael Trinkala <>:
> > We should probably be using the Hindsight list
> > for this
> Didn't knew about this list. Subscribing...
> > but I will provide a
> > short answer here: Hindsight is agnostic when it comes to push or pull
> in an
> > I/O plugin.  It is a function of the plugin and there are currently
> examples
> > of both.  However, as Eric commented there is no HTTP server
> implementation
> > available in a sandbox yet (although there are a few options).  See
> >
> extensions/blob/master/socket/sandboxes/heka/output/heka_tcp_matcher.lua
> > for an example of a TCP subscription based output plugin.
> OK. Still this is a push model, and the output plugin is listening to
> the messages (i.e the messages are not requested by the output plugin,
> but by ticker_interval or input process_message()).
> There is no hurry. Leaving this question open for now.
> --
> Mathieu
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