On 03/06/2018 02:46 AM, Igor Zobin wrote:
> A website should be able to fall back to a usable interface, if the client 
> chooses to not run javascript.

that statement actually demonstrates and perpetuates the very core of
the problem - static HTML should not be considered as a secondary
"fallback" - it is the fundamental foundation upon which CSS and scripts
(if any) are added only as an enhancement

it is the mentality that javascript is the de-facto requisite for every
"modern" site that drives people to start every website they make from
day one using some trendy javascript framework; regardless of whether it
offers any practical benefit, or just mindless "rapid" development, or
just beautiful bloat - i quite suspect that many of these javascript
frameworks would actually be a hinderance to anyone trying to make such
a site fully operable without js

in other words, rather than considering it to be an omission of an
optional fallback feature to publish a website that is not fully
operable without js - it is more appropriate to plainly call it out as
irresponsible engineering that needlessly excludes visitors by
neglecting the fundamental nature of the medium

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