On 03/07/2018 04:13 AM, Igor Zobin wrote:
> If CSS3 and 4 allow some logic to be executed on events like onmouseover, 
> I'll look into them of course.

you should not need to specify any logic to make a usable and visually
appealing website - CSS is not executable code - it is "logical" only in
the prolog sense - in contrast to javascript it is static declarative
configuration - instead of scripting explicit commands like "when the
mouse goes here, then change color to blue ; but when the mouse goes
here instead, then restore color to the default color" - the CSS would
simply declare an implication that whenever it happens to be the case
that the mouse is pointed to some element that the element will also be
blue; but the default color otherwise

it is a much cleaner way to accomplish the same thing; but the key
difference is that the browser itself ensures that the implication holds
- the programmer only needs to specify which properties the element
should have when the logic in the browser puts that element into the
"hovered" state - the end result is the same but is far less obnoxious
than allowing any and all arbitrary javascript to run just to accomplish
such superficial trivialities

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