I'm a developer at Valve who is working on the Left 4 Dead Survival pack 
update.  We've made several changes to server operation that we'd like to give 
our server operators a heads up on.

Since Left 4 Dead will now support three different game modes, we removed the 
console variable "director_no_human_zombies" and added a new variable called 
"mp_gamemode" which can be set to "coop", "versus" and "survival".  This 
variable is set by lobby reservation, so a normal server running in lobby mode 
will require no changes by the server operator.  If you are running in LAN mode 
without lobbies, you will need to set mp_gamemode before you load a map.  For 
example, use "mp_gamemode survival; map l4d_sv_lighthouse" to load the new 
Lighthouse map in Survival mode.

We have extended sv_gamestypes to also include "survival".  The default value 
is now "coop,versus,survival".  This may cause issues for some servers that 
have a lot of tags in addition to the defaults.  We realize this is problem and 
adjusted "sv_showtags" to show the truncated tags to help server operators see 
if they have reached the 63 character limit.

The tags issue will be fixed in the forthcoming third party campaign 
matchmaking update.   We have extended the master servers so heartbeats will be 
sent as two distinct packets, one containing the existing server heartbeat, and 
another containing additional "game data."  This game data will contain all the 
matchmaking server tags such as sv_gametypes, and the list of third party 
campaign missions installed.  This third party campaign list will be used by 
people searching for servers with third party campaigns installed.  Server 
operators will install the VPK file of the campaign that includes the maps (and 
associated models, etc) as well as a "mission" description file that describes 
the campaign and its name used for matchmaking.  We hope that as various third 
party campaigns become popular, more server operators will install them giving 
a larger base for players to find servers for those campaigns.

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