A required update for Team Fortress 2 is now available.  Please run 
hldsupdatetool to receive the update.  The specific changes include:

Team Fortress 2:
- Added "tf_allow_player_use" server ConVar to control players executing +use 
while playing (defaults to 0)
- Fixed a bug where full backpacks resulted in an item being repeatedly found 
each time the game is started
- Fixed being able to burn players/buildings that are in the water while 
standing outside the water
- Fixed teleporting Spies getting stuck in enemy players standing on the exit
- Fixed server log not listing telefrag kills as weapon "telefrag"
- Fixed the Pyro's airblast pushing Spectators in free-look mode
- Fixed Pyro's Hadouken killing Scouts that have used Bonk! and are phasing
- Fixed freezecam screenshots sometimes being saved outside the Screenshots 
- Fixed deathnotice and server log entries not using the unique item 
names/icons when buildings are destroyed
- Fixed a case where the weapon selection menu wasn't drawing the images of 
non-standard items if the player was using hud_fastswitch 1 and using slot7-10 
to view the panel
- Fixed CTF HUD not centering the flag panel if there is only one active flag

Community requests:
- Added the ability to set a parent for the item_teamflag entity
- Added OnPickUpTeam1 and OnPickUpTeam2 outputs to the item_teamflag entity
- Added intro movie .mp3 files to the sound/misc folder


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