The update is now live.

The previous build has been pinned as 'dec_12'


Release Notes for 12/18/2013

[ CSGO ]
- Added three purchasable gift options:
-- Gift Package - gives a random item to a random player in your match.
-- Pallet of Presents - gives random items to up to nine people in your match.
-- Audience Participation Parcel - gives random items to up to 25 viewers 
watching your match.
- Added the Winter Offensive Case, the first-ever community-made case.
- Replaced the eSports case with the new eSports Winter Case.

[ MAPS ]
- Added Cobblestone and Overpass maps, which are available to community servers 
and offline play. Official matchmaking is limited to Operation Bravo in order 
to collect additional map balancing data prior to a wider release.
- Fixed an exploit in Assault
- Minor bugfixes in Bank, St.Marc and Sugarcane

- Walking into shallow water no longer makes an audible splash.

[ MISC ]
- Added a link to share downloaded matches. To access this link, download one 
of your recent matches, view the scoreboard from that match, and click on 'Copy 
- Added say_team support for coaches.
- Added holiday cheer.

- Fixed a Steam authentication problem when running individual CS:GO SDK tools 
not from Steam Library, but directly from command line.
- Fixed a bug causing workshop uploader tools to retrieve only the first 50 of 
a user's items.

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We hope to have an update ready soon.

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