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Release Notes for 11/11/2014

- Six community maps added to the Operation Vanguard map group, available for 
free to ALL CS:GO players.
-- de_marquis, de_facade, de_season, de_bazaar, cs_workout, and cs_backalley
- The Operation Vanguard Pass is now available. With an operation pass, you'll 
-- A personal Operation Vanguard Journal
-- Exclusive access to the new Operation Vanguard weapon case as a separate 
timed drop.
-- TWO all-new Campaigns: Weapon Specialist and Vanguard. Choose your own path 
through a series of missions that span the globe, and receive extra weapons or 
Operation Vanguard weapon cases as a reward.
-- Access to two optional campaigns: Maghreb and Eurasia.
-- An Operation Vanguard Challenge Coin, which can be upgraded by completing 
branches of a campaign.
-- Active Duty and Vanguard Scorecards, and Friends Leaderboards to track and 
compare your Competitive Matchmaking performance throughout the Operation.
- Operation runs until February 10th, 2015.

- Friendly Fire has been turned off.
- de_stmarc, de_lake and de_safehouse are now available in Arms Race mode.
- Fixed game reporting the wrong name of the player who got to knife level in 
Arms Race.
- Major update to Arms Race mode:
-- Leaders (players with the highest weapon index) from each team now glow for 
a short time after attacking.
-- The weapon progression list now picks a weapon randomly from 5 fixed weapon 
-- The number of levels to reach Golden Knife have been reduced to 16.
-- Two kills are needed to upgrade with each weapon (unless you get a knife 
kill or kill the enemy leader).
-- Added some new sounds to AR mode.
-- To see more of the Arms Race rules changes, see this guide: 

- Friendly Fire has been turned off.
- de_shortdust added to Demolition mode

- Changed Deathmatch bonus weapon to support all guns.

- When FF is off, bullets no longer penetrate teammates

- Fixed grenades icons in weapon panel obeying the user's HUD color setting
- Fixed Mini-Scoreboard panel not properly hiding a few avatars slots on a full 
server in casual when you had the Mini-Scoreboard Style set to "Just Show 
Player Count"
- Fixed the freeze panel overlapping with the info panel.

- Halloween has come to a grisly end. (sv_holiday_mode set back to 0)
- Fixed rebuy not rebuying nades, defuse kit, or taser correctly.
- Volume of ambient and 1st person sounds have been slightly reduced in 
"headphones" setting.
- Death Camera music no longer plays while spectating.
- Half-time / Game-end music no longer plays in overwatch mode.
- Fixed bug where 10 second countdown music(s) would play after round end when 
round end music volume was set to 0.
- Addressed hitches that were caused by synchronous file i/o.

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