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Release Notes for 12/10/2014

- Reintroduced Train, which has been added to the Operation Vanguard map group 
(available for free to all CS:GO players).
-- For more information, visit 

- CZ75-Auto adjustments
-- Magazine size has been reduced to 8 and reserve ammo is now 16 (3 mags 
-- Damage has been reduced slightly.
-- Firing rate has been reduced slightly
-- The CZ75-Auto takes nearly twice as long to draw, and has an updated draw 
-- Kill reward is now 1/3.
-- Updated the weapon description.
- Increased price of M4A1-S to $3100
- Reduced price of Desert Eagle to $700
- Updated the Tec-9 firing sound.
- Fixed M4A1-S muzzle flash showing through smoke.
- Fixed not being able to defuse the bomb in some cases where it was planted on 
a ledge and the player attempting to defuse was standing next to it on the 
ground (e.g. the fountain in Cobblestone).
- Fixed a case on community servers where a player would get income after the 
first round when they should not.

- Team equipment value now correctly accounts for cost of CZ75-Auto and for two 
- "Assists" on teammate kills no longer get counted in scoreboard.
- Added some new holiday freeze-cam borders and the holiday cheer has been 
re-enabled - Happy holidays!

- Gifts have been re-enabled.
- Released a new set of stickers (available now as offers), and put some music 
kits on sale.
- Fixed a few localization errors
- Fixed a typo in the game mode descriptions.
- Fixed several exploits in the engine.

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