Update: This update was re-released as version 5369118 to fix a server
startup issue when certain logging options were enabled.  Sorry for the
fire drill!

- John

On 9/23/19 2:33 PM, John Schoenick wrote:
> We've released a mandatory update for Team Fortress 2. The notes for the
> update are below. The new version is 5368522.
> - John
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> - Fixed the Iron Lung hiding the Engineer's helmet
> - Fixed Scottish Resistance stickies not always being visible through walls
> - Fixed the Festive Sapper not playing a timer sound while attached to
> buildings
> - Updated/Added some tournament medals
> - Updated the Bottle Cap and the Shutterbug cosmetic items to fix styles
> that were missed when the items were originally added
> - Updated Twitch API to the current version
> - Updated the localization files

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