On 04/02/18 11:26, Ramana Kumar wrote:
> Yes, to do that you need to use --relocbuild, since any executables (heaps)
> need to be rebuilt if the path changes.
> Steps:
> 1. Copy your HOL directory to the new location, omitting any files that
> match the patterns in tools-poly/rebuild-excludes.txt
> 2. Run poly --script tools/smart-configure.sml in the new location
> 3. Run bin/build --relocbuild in the new location

Thanks, do I need to do this every time the absolute path changes?

I try to use the development version, but since it takes around 1700 s
to complete the build, I only update occasionally. I intended to
schedule building an updated development version while I work with an
already-built version. Once it is done building and I finish my work
session, then move the new build into the place where my working build
is. Is this possible without having to re-build heaps after moving?


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