Hi Jakub,

I would be available to discuss with you about the OpenCV project.

1) The project itself contains a class where different parallelism is
implemented. For example for openmp a for loop is parallized with a
pragrama. One task would be to check how this can be done with parallel
algorithms within hpx.

2) HPX provides two different kind of threads. You should obtain a good
understanding of this concept to handle the system threads for reading
images from a camera.

3) Next to the parallel algorithms, a small example where a picture from a
webcam is shown in a qt application should be implemented. This example
should be extended to use some simple filters on the image.

4) A benchmark for OpenCV with native, hpx, and openmp has to be done. You
can use any existing example and measure the time or any other quantity of
interest to compare the speed up you obtain by using more CPUs.

For more details you can contact me (diehlpk) or John (jbnjr) on irc.

I will be available 7pm your local time.



Jakub Golinowski <jakub.golinow...@gmail.com> schrieb am Mo., 5. März 2018,

> Good afternoon,
> I am Computer Science student at ETH Zürich in the 2nd semester of my
> Master of Science Programme. I already have programming experience from
> working in industry and on many academic projects throughout my studies.
> However, I have never engaged in the development of the open source
> software. Therefore, GSoC is the unparalleled opportunity for me to fully
> emerge in the open source community and gain knowledge necessary to
> continue open source contributions after the end of the programme.
> I am particularly interested in the HPX library because this is very close
> to my research interests and my specialization at ETH Zürich, which is
> Distributed Systems. I am familiar with distributed computing paradigms and
> problems occurring while managing clusters of machines both from
> theoretical courses, reading scientific papers and (most recently) working
> on a large-scope semester project. The task was the design, development and
> deployment of the network load-balancing middleware, followed by the series
> of automated experiments with synthetic traffic. Conducting experiments
> allowed me to hone my bash scripting skills and exposed me to the problems
> connected with managing cluster of 8 machines (including scheduling and
> collecting data). The above described project was summarized in the report
> which I link here (link to project report
> <https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_jm8VKXuQ3jF6j7SBvJCH7IX6jKxcHvP/view?usp=sharing>).
> In the current semester I will (among other projects) be working on the
> project focused on reducing the network traffic in the data centre.
> Another reason for my interest in HPX is that I have been on the IRC
> channel and mailing list of the Ste||ar Group for a few weeks now and I am
> really fascinated by the great atmosphere on the communication channels. It
> is at the same time structured and allows for effective information flow
> but is also cordial and makes me want to be part of this community.
> The projects of my interest are:
> 1. HPX Backend for OpenCV.
> 2. Script Language Bindings.
> I am primarily interested in these projects because they both combine two
> different technologies and I am convinced that connecting existing and
> well-tested technologies is generally of great value. What is more I am
> sure that developing backend for OpenCV or script language bindings will
> contribute to further increase of the HPX's reach.
> I have successfully built the HPX library on my machine (linux) and went
> through examples. While building the HPX I discovered interesting issue
> with newest boost. It is including the architecture tag in the library
> names and consequently cmake is unable to locate the library files. For now
> I switched to older version of boost and also created PR to update
> documentation (#3214 <https://github.com/STEllAR-GROUP/hpx/pull/3214>)
> Finally I would like to ask about suggestions and directions for my next
> steps i.e. writing a detailed proposal, including scope of the projects and
> detail schedule of development stages.
> I have already seen a hint from Adrian Serio about Script Language
> Bindings and making myself familiar with other scripting language bindings
> is in my schedule:
>> Look at the work we have completed with other scripting languages here (
>> https://github.com/STEllAR-GROUP/hpx_script)
> If there were some suggestions about HPX backend for OpenCV I must have
> missed them and I will simply start by going over implementation of
> parallelism in OpenCV with the use of OpenMP.
> Sincerely,
> Jakub Golinowski
> (IRC nick: jakub_golinowski)
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