Am Mittwoch, 14. September 2016 11:53:15 UTC+2 schrieb Bernd D:
> 1.) pano_modify.exe calculate a wrong (vertical?) FoV.
> fov.x and fov.y must be calculated equivalent. 

No. The horizontal and vertical fov are independent of each other. 
So I added the special treatment for smaller fov also for the vertical case.

What reason is there for the if statement? The gap at 40.0 make no sense. 
I added a comment to the code, why it is used.

If pano_modify calculate a wrong fov, so plese provide the pto file, so we 
can have a look on it.

> It looks like a dirty trick to bend the correct result to a desired 
> result. I use always fov < 4, then it seems to work better with +1. But 
> this is only a subjective impression.
> 2.)
>  %HUGINSDK%\libpano-hg\math.c
> function tiltForward:
> The first calculation of s is unused. Perhaps an unnoticed error.

Thanks, fixed in libpano.

PS: Please state also the line numbers in the files. This makes it more 
easy to find the place.

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