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On Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 3:02:05 PM UTC-4, Stefan Peter wrote:

In any case, please re-run the "Create control points" action and then,
send us the resulting log file from you clipboard as you did with this

Here is what the clipboard says now:
    Searching for control points...
     Could not find "cpfind" in path.
Maybe you have not installed it properly or given a wrong path in the
Perhaps I should use another control point detector.
My take on this problem is that it is associated with the setting that
tells it where it's tmp directory is because it works fine when I don't put anything in that field...... I just can't do a massive panorama because I
don't have enough space in /tmp for all the temporary files that a huge
panorama produces.

If I understand this correctly, perhaps a workaround is to leave the tmp dir field blank, generate your control points, then save your .pto. Restart hugin, add your tmp dir, open your saved .pto and continue on.

Terry Duell

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