Dear Michael Havens

On 20.09.2016 13:32, Michael Havens wrote:
> Okay, I'm running the stitcher now even though no control points were
> found. 

Then it is of no use. The task at hand is to find out why there are no
control points produced.

Greg assumed that it has something to do with the temporary directory
path setting. The prudent thing to test this hypothesis would be to
revert this setting and see if the problem persists.

However, I was not able to recreate this problem here. Not even using a
non existent directory as temporary file location interfered with
creating control points.

However, there are other possible reasons for this behaviour. One of
them would be that the files can not be read by icpfind, the program
responsible for creating the control points. Or maybe icpfind could not
be started because of other reasons like missing libraries or execution

In any case, please re-run the "Create control points" action and then,
send us the resulting log file from you clipboard as you did with this one.

With kind regards

Stefan Peter

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