I am missing an option to terminate the GUI after completing the job. There 
is an option to
shutdown the computer, but this is not what I want.

In the GUI I can set the needed option. But I want do this for batch 

Is there a way to terminate GUI after processing?

Here are the documented command options of my version:

PTBatcherGUI --help
Usage: PTBatcherGUI [-h] [-b] [-o] [-s] [-v] [-a] [Stitch_Projekt.pto 
  -h, --help show this help message
  -b, --batch run batch immediately
  -o, --overwrite overwrite previous files without asking
  -s, --shutdown shutdown computer after batch is complete
  -v, --verbose show verbose output when processing projects
  -a, --assistant run the assistant on the given projects

Version: 2015.0.0+dfsg-1 (Ubuntu 16 LTS)

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