Am Samstag, 5. August 2017 12:29:16 UTC+2 schrieb Abrimaal:
> The problem is that Hugin does not offer undistorted projection, suitable 
> for scanned documents. 
???? Rectilinear should be sufficient for scanned documents.

> Thy this: 
Don't do this. See comment below: 

> 05. Add two horizontal and two vertical lines. Click near the top left in 
> the first panel and near the top right in the 2nd panel. 
> 06. Now you have the first horizontal line. Correct the numeric values to 
> x=0, y=0 and x=0, y=image width.
> 07. Do the same for the 2nd horizontal line at the bottom and two vertical 
> lines. Then repeat the steps for all images.
This would only help if all images would be exactly straight and no 
rotation between the images. In praxis this is never the case, you have 
always a little rotation between the different images. And this approach 
confuses the optimizer.

10. Back to the Editor. There are several metods of optimizing the 
> geometrics. Try the first one (positions, incremental). If it looks not 
> perfectly, undo and try another method. 
> 11. You can save every method as a panorama, then compare the images. I 
> recommend this to compare the images in full screen viewer.
Sorry, but you don't have understand the concept of optimization and what 
each optimization setting does. 
Optimization is an iterative process. Sometimes it can takes several step 
to the end result. But undo after the first step makes it even worse.

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