The only publicly-installed netloc API is currently specific to the
scotch partitioner for process placement. It takes a network topology
and a communication pattern between a set of process and it generates a
topology-aware placement for these processes.
This API only gets installed if you have scotch installed (and tell
configure where it is). That's why you don't get any netloc API
installed for now.

We initially exposed the entire graph that netloc uses internally (it's
still true in v0.5 but not anymore in hwloc 2.0) but there wasn't a
clear list of what users want to do with it. We didn't want to expose a
random API without much user feedback first. There are many ways to
expose a graph API, it was too risky. So it's not publicly installed

You can use internal headers such as private/netloc.h for now (you'll
see edges, nodes, etc) and we'll make things public once we know what
you and others would like to do.


Le 19/02/2017 17:29, Михаил Халилов a écrit :
> Hi again!
> Can I ask you, how can I use netloc API for my C programs?
> I configured hwloc only with --prefix=/opt/hwloc option. So, there are
> no netloc header files in /opt/hwloc/include directory. Also, I didn't
> understand how to use netloc_draw.html, because I found it only in
> extracted tarball. May be i should configure netloc with some other
> options?
> Best regards,
> Mikhail Khalilov
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