Dear WG:

This email serves as a call for WG adoption of 
draft-kumar-i2nsf-client-facing-interface-req as a WG document. The call for 
adoption will run for 2 weeks ending Oct 5, 2016.
The requirement document is one of the key deliverables specified by the  I2NSF 

Please note that this is a call for adoption, and not a last call for content 
of the document. Adopting a WG document simply means that the WG will focus its 
efforts on that particular draft going forward, and use that document for 
resolving open issues and documenting the WG's decisions.

Please indicate whether you support adoption for not, and if not why. Issues 
you have with the current document itself can also be raised, but they should 
be raised in the context of what should be changed in the document going 
forward, rather than a pre-condition for adoption.

Finally, now is also a good time to poll for knowledge of any IPR that applies 
to this draft, in line with the IPR disclosure obligations for WG participants 
(see RFCs 3979, 4879, 3669 and 5378 for more details). If you are listed as a 
document author please respond to this email (to the chairs) whether or not you 
are aware of any relevant IPR

Authors: there are some editorial changes needed to comply with the I2NSF 
terminologies that the WG has agreed, in particular:

-        Abstract: needs to change the starting sentence to "This document 
provides a framework and requirement ...."

-        Change all reference of "North Bound Interface" to "Client/consumer 
facing interface".

Thank you,

Linda & Adrian

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