Let me propose something different.  There are 2 priorities: 


1)      Priority 1 – something that fits the market, and provides easy reading 
by users 

2)      Priority 2 – something that is architecturally clean


I understand you feel your base model is architecturally perfect.  Feedback 
from product groups are that your model are difficult to understand.   The 
models from the teams that have worked on the hackathon have been understood 
and worked on by the teams. 


We should work toward both. An attitude that says “my model’s perfect” does not 
align with the yang model’s readably .


Just my 2 cents. 


Sue Hares 


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To: Linda Dunbar; John Strassner
Subject: Re: [I2nsf] need some work to improve the consistency of I2NSF 
Information and data model: maybe a design team?


I cannot attend Prague due to family health issues.


That being said, I agree with Linda. I see three major problems:


   1) There should be one, and only one, information model.

        a) It is great to have multiple contributions, but those contributions 
MUST be written to enhance the existing model, not propose a new one

   2) In general, some of the info models are not really **models** per se, but 
rather, requirements for models. 

   3) In general, I cannot trace data model work back to the info model work.

       a) This is especially true for drafts that are trying to use or define 


I propose that draft-xibassnez is used for our info model. This means that the 
other info model drafts SHOULD be restructured to add to that draft.


I propose that we wait on further data model draft definition until some people 
(I will help) on the design team can formulate guidelines and perhaps examples 
to properly derive data models from our info model.





On Fri, Jul 14, 2017 at 9:27 AM, Linda Dunbar <> wrote:

Thanks to many people contributions. We now have many drafts on the information 
model and data model for I2NSF:


Information model:







Data Model:







But the problem is that they are not all consistent.  Extra work is needed to 
improve the consistency for I2NSF information and data models for both 
Client/Consumer facing and NSF facing interfaces. 

So we are going to form a design team to work on it. 


If you are interested in participate, please click on this doodle poll:


For people not in Prague, we can set up a Webex for you to call in. 


Thank you very much for the contribution. 


Linda & Adrian


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