Hi Benjamin/Sue,

NB> The reason string is indeed not relevant for the success case. The success 
case is "Installed is TRUE AND Active is TRUE". For everything else a reason 
will help. It will help the client to know why something was installed but is 
not active.

    As I recall (and my memory may be spotty), the reason was available for 
both "yes" and "no" in case "yes" it is active, and "no" it is not installed 
(example - 20 ECMP routes and only 10 get installed).   Nitin may have more 
details on this RFC. 
    Cheerily, Susan Hares
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    I share Warren's question (and, IIRC, asked a similar one about the 
associated data-model document).
    Just one other minor question: in Section 4
       Route programming in the RIB MUST result in a return code that
       contains the following attributes:
       o  Installed - Yes/No (Indicates whether the route got installed in
          the FIB)
       o  Active - Yes/No (Indicates whether a route is fully resolved and
          is a candidate for selection)
       o  Reason - e.g., Not authorized
    Is the Reason only relevant when one of the other two is "No"?

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