Am Dienstag, 11. August 2015, 15:03:17 schrieb Ultrabug:
> On 11/08/2015 13:54, Florian Lindner wrote:
> It may not answer all your questions but I wanted to point out that
> *py3status* [1] provides a *xrandr* *module* to handle your screen
> layouts easily and automatically if you want (with click event support
> to switch easily).
> You can maybe take a look at the source code [2] to get inspiration for
> your own or use it through py3status and contribute to it if you want ;)
> DISCLAIMER : I created py3status, so ofc I'm biased but I sincerly think
> that this module could help you one way or another
> [1] py3status : https://github.com/ultrabug/py3status
> [2] xrandr module :
> https://github.com/ultrabug/py3status/blob/master/py3status/modules/xrandr.py

Thanks for pointing me to py3status. Especially the xrandr plugin looks very 

In fact I installed it today and actually started to play around with the 
battery_level plugin.

However it seems to be quite simplicistic like no notificiation on low battery 
and has some issues with multiple batteries. 

I also came along i3pystatus, which seems to be strive for the same like 
py3status, right? They have a more elaborate battery plugin, but no display 
configuration plugin at all. Are py3status and i3pystatus compatible anyhow?

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