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> > As if.
> > Can't you just imagine a major Aussie Bank doing that. You were at
> Bank
> > of NSW when they had the IMS fiasco Steve - how much info on that got
> > out ? (via Bank press releases I mean :-)
> Yeh....  It's probably a near-universal trait that "dirty laundry" is
> "washed" discreetly....  :-)

This would be one of those rare cases where the story was big enough that
there wasn't a lot of room for discrete laundering. It was actually Westpac
by then (btw) and I was there too. That "event" wasn't a single outage, but
rather a series of them wound around failed restart/recovery processing that
eventually took several days to fully recover from. There wasn't any news
coverage at first, but the scale of the problem had made the press by the
second day. Once it had there was plenty of blame storming to go around. I
don't recall whether the bank actually issued press releases but their point
of view certainly did make it into the press coverage.

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