I am trying to write checks(user) in IBM health checker using SYSREXX.I
have gone through the sample -HZSSXCHK.This sample just outlines the
skeleton for writing the user checks.

My question is ...lets say for example if I want to rewrite
"CHECK(IBMRACF,RACF_IBMUSER_REVOKED)" ,how would I go about it.

What code IBM would have put or should be written between HZSLSTRT() and
HZSLSTOP() to accomplish the above check.

May be I am thinking stupid-

1.Issue TSO LU for IBMUSER ,capture the output of this command into some
variable and decide on whether the user ID is really revoked.This is really
cumbersome if we think of some complex checks.

2.or is there any exit which will tell me if the ID is revoked.Is this the
general approach for all checks.

I just need to know a general approach that I need to take to write the

Any pointers on this is much appreciated.


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