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>I am trying to write checks(user) in IBM health checker using SYSREXX.I
>have gone through the sample -HZSSXCHK.This sample just outlines the
>skeleton for writing the user checks.
>My question is ...lets say for example if I want to rewrite
>"CHECK(IBMRACF,RACF_IBMUSER_REVOKED)" ,how would I go about it.
>What code IBM would have put or should be written between HZSLSTRT() and
>HZSLSTOP() to accomplish the above check.
>May be I am thinking stupid-
>1.Issue TSO LU for IBMUSER ,capture the output of this command into some
>variable and decide on whether the user ID is really revoked.This is really
>cumbersome if we think of some complex checks.

The output of LU is not a intended programming interface. If you wanted to 
examine a user ID, from REXX, you should use the functions provided by 
 or http://preview.tinyurl.com/6q8ecue for more information.


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