Maybe it will turn out that "round trip" only applies to the characters that 
are defined in the Source CCSID (and I'm not sure if "defined" is the right 
word). When I look at a chart of CCSID 1027 here:

I see that all of the characters that you see being being converted to X'1A' 
are either outside the chart (which starts at X'40') or have no identified 
value in the chart. If your data contains these unidentified characters, what 
is their purpose, and is it really appropriate to consider the data to be 
associated with CCSID 1027, or just something related to but not the same as 
CCSID 1027?


On Tue, 12 Jun 2012 16:42:02 -0700, Charles Mills wrote:

>Not sure what you mean. Here's the PMR:
>Problem Details
>Product or Service: Support for Unicode
>Component ID: 5752SCUNI
>Operating System: z/OS
>Problem title
>Round trip conversion not working as expected
>Problem description
>My understanding of "round trip" conversion is that every code point in
>the Source CCSID should convert to a unique code point in the Target
>CCSID (so that conversion in the reverse direction will restore the
>original code points). However, when I use CUNLCNV to convert between
>CCSIDs 1027 and 1208 I see more than one character converted to x'1A'
>(UTF8 SUB). Is round trip conversion working correctly? (Both the
>documentation and CUNLINFO report that 'R' is a supported conversion
>technique for these two CCSIDs.)
>Characters converted to X'1A' include 3F, 41, 6A, 80, 90, etc.
>Thank you for your consideration.
>Business impact ( BusImpact )
>Negatively impacting product design decisions.
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>Subject: Re: Anyone a Unicode Services expert? -- roundtrip conversion
>On 12 June 2012 18:55, Charles Mills <> wrote:
>> I have opened a PMR.
>For the doc, or the behaviour of the service? Or did you choose the "let us
>decide for you" option...?
>Tony H.

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