We are attempting, on our QA LPAR, to use the SMS DC attributes,

Data Set Name Type  . . . . . : EXTENDED
  If Extended . . . . . . . . : PREFERRED
  Extended Addressability . . : YES

for all of our sequential data sets.  Of several hundred/thousands of dataset 
allocations, during the test
period, we ran into 4 ABENDS, 3 S213-94 and 1 S213-B8.  Which is pretty good, 
in my opinion.

IEC143I 213-94 - An OPEN macro instruction was attempted against an 
extended-format data set, but the access method is not BSAM or QSAM, or is BDAM 
load mode.

IEC143I 213-B8 - An OPEN was attempted against an extended-format data set with 
a DCB that specified EXCP. EXCP is not supported for extended-format data sets.

I would like to examine our SMF 14/15 records from our production LPAR to 
identify other potential problem
datasets.  I have an ancient user written assembler program, 1980's, that 
reports on SMF 14/15 records.  One
of the reported columns is MACREF, which has a test for EXCP processing.  If it 
was EXCP processing, the record
is reported with an "E" for that column.  I'm able to see all 14/15 activity 
that has activity for EXCP processing.
However, I noticed that SORT and ICEGENER use EXCP processing.   We didn't have 
any ABENDS with SORT

Two questions,   1)  In addition to my ancient assembler program, can anyone 
recommend a free reporting tool,
that we could use to identify datasets not eligible for EXT format, and 2) Why 
does SORT/ICEGENER work against
EXT type datasets with EXCP process?

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