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We are attempting, on our QA LPAR, to use the SMS DC attributes,

Data Set Name Type  . . . . . : EXTENDED
   If Extended . . . . . . . . : PREFERRED
   Extended Addressability . . : YES

for all of our sequential data sets.  Of several hundred/thousands of dataset 
allocations, during the test
period, we ran into 4 ABENDS, 3 S213-94 and 1 S213-B8.  Which is pretty good, 
in my opinion.

IEC143I 213-94 - An OPEN macro instruction was attempted against an 
extended-format data set, but the access method is not BSAM or QSAM, or is BDAM 
load mode.

IEC143I 213-B8 - An OPEN was attempted against an extended-format data set with 
a DCB that specified EXCP. EXCP is not supported for extended-format data sets.

I would like to examine our SMF 14/15 records from our production LPAR to 
identify other potential problem
datasets.  I have an ancient user written assembler program, 1980's, that 
reports on SMF 14/15 records.  One
of the reported columns is MACREF, which has a test for EXCP processing.  If it 
was EXCP processing, the record
is reported with an "E" for that column.  I'm able to see all 14/15 activity 
that has activity for EXCP processing.
However, I noticed that SORT and ICEGENER use EXCP processing.   We didn't have 
any ABENDS with SORT

Two questions,   1)  In addition to my ancient assembler program, can anyone 
recommend a free reporting tool,
that we could use to identify datasets not eligible for EXT format, and 2) Why 
does SORT/ICEGENER work against
EXT type datasets with EXCP process?

1. I think you ask about programs, not datasets. No tool can recognize how the dataset will be or would be used in the future or was used in the past.
2. As Shmuel said there are nuances here.

Radoslaw Skorupka
Lodz, Poland


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