Some programs will soon no longer be able to do their own TLS encryption.

Statements of direction

Removal of native TLS/SSL support from TN3270E Telnet server, FTP server, and 

z/OS V2.4 is planned to be the last release in which the z/OS TN3270E Telnet 
server, FTP server, and Digital Certificate Access Server (DCAS) will support 
direct invocation of System SSL APIs for TLS/SSL protection. In the future, the 
only TLS/SSL protection option for these servers will be Application 
Transparent Transport Layer Security (AT-TLS). The direct System SSL support in 
each of these components is functionally outdated and only supports TLS 
protocols up through TLSv1.1. IBM recommends converting your TN3270E Telnet, 
FTP server, and DCAS configurations to use AT-TLS, which supports the latest 
System SSL features, including the TLSv1.2 and TLSv1.3 protocols and related 
cipher suites. Note that while native TLS/SSL support for z/OS FTP client is 
not being withdrawn at this time, no future enhancements are planned for that 
support. IBM recommends using AT-TLS to secure FTP client traffic.

Mike Wawiorko  

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Thanks KB...  I think I got my basic question answered, which is that one thing 
AT-TLS was designed for is to encrypt data for TCP/IP programs that weren't 
originally written with encryption.  In addition, it sounds like even programs 
that can do their own encryption (i.e. TN3270) can also use AT-TLS.  If so, 
that's a smart plan - putting encryption processing in one bucket with one set 
of controls, and one spot to update when TLS1.x comes along.

But if I'm wrong with any of the general notes above, please correct me.

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