tsicks in Germany
same for IMS, one word, no single letters (like eems, but short ee)
same for DOS
but: zed oh ess (German pronounciation of the letters)
oh ess 390 (390 in German)
v sam (sam like sum)
DB2 (with German number "zwei")

like OS/2, btw (oh ess zwei)

on my PC I have an old version of "DB zwei für OS zwei" running :-)

Kind regards


Am 16.09.2016 um 23:34 schrieb Wayne Driscoll:
A long time ago I worked at a company that gave a CICS class to the
application people and the instructor was Italian. He raised a few
eyebrows, especially among the females in the class when he referred to the
product as "chicks"
Wayne Driscoll
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