Thanks for the responses.

Of course our change process will not allow saying it's never happened before 
as justification for not having a reversion plan.
I always do a TEST before activations
I've debated HARD first or SOFT first but doing HARD first is really contrary 
to our change procedures- 
that being changes should be rolled out DEV-->QA-->PRE-PROD-->PROD
so it makes more sense to me (and is somewhat required for change management) 
to do SOFT until the last PROD and then do a HARD activate.
Sometimes I hate change management! 

These particular changes are two fold
1) allowing some additional LPARs to some existing OSAs
2) redefining two OSAs from  OSD to OSE

I had the two options to

1 - continue through until changes are activated on all LPARs (SOFT on all 
except one HARD on the last PROD LPAR)
2 - POR

from Jesse I see a (better) 3rd option

3 - IPL back to the old IODF

If I'm understanding correctly, IPL is the only way for me to revert 
immediately without impact to other systems.


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