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I belong to 'hard-last' school because once HSA is updated, all systems want to 
IPL next with the new IODF. z/OS itself has no 'recollection' of what IODF it 
was using previously. If a soft activate needs to be backed out, the next IPL 
will come up matching HSA as long as you use the appropriate wild card 
characters in LOADxx.

Changing a device from one type to another is actually accomplished by deleting 
the old device and adding the new one. Deletion generally requires 'FORCE' on 
the activate command. If the new IODF is wrong for any of the LPARs on the CEC, 
you may find yourself having to POR to set things right. 'TEST' is the right 
first step, but depending on what you're changing, you're usually instructed to 
specify FORCE on the hard activate, so you need to proceed with caution.

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I stand in agreement with my good friend and colleague, the distinguished gentleman from Southern California. You do SOFT activate on all images in the CEC, then HARD activate the final LPAR in the CEC. I did a Bit Bucket on using the HCD sysplex-wide activate as a time-saving procedure (We're Bad, We're Sysplex-Wide). You can grab it here (WTW): https://share.confex.com/share/122/webprogram/Handout/Session14648/Bit_Bucket_x2E.pdf

Tom Conley

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