I'm a bit wary of testing this change. A broken initiator process would be 

A less risky solution--I assume that the problem is a passel of STC 
output--might be to purge BPXAS on regular basis via, say, a JES automatic 
command. You could make a pretty small interval with A>1. As long as you 
qualify the command with the task name, it should be pretty benign to test. 

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>Is there any way for me to get a bit bucket sysout class for BPXAS?  My
STCCLASS parm in JES2 is set to a regular output class and it looks like BPXAS 
uses that.  I need something that will definitely work, since change BPXAS can 
put you in the pain cave. 

I just stumbled over this; has it been solved? Could not see anything in 
IBM-Main's archives.

You might convert the BPXAS procedure to a started job by adding a JOB 
statement to it. On the Job statement you can then code MSGCLASS=. Something 


Warning: I have not tested this (dont' have access to a system where I could).

Peter Hunkeler

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