Chuck Kreiter wrote:

> What has happened over time is that some volumes have been DISNEW'ed to clear 
> them or ENABLED (from DISNEW) to allow for new allocations.  These were all 
> done via the VARY SMS,VOLUME(xxxxxx),DISABLE,NEW type commands.  

Others gave you good and interesting replies.

If you want to know when that VARY command is issued, you can use SMF to see 
who and when was that VARY command issued. (RACF class OPERCMDS, profile 

>System/Sys SMS VOL MVS Vol  SMS G
>Group Name Status  Status   Status
>----------- ------- -------- ------

>I'm really looking for this info in a batch (ideally) report.  I've looked 
>through Naviquest but not seen anything that reports this yet.

Print above list out (look at pulldown menu in ISMF) Then use DFSORT or ICETOOL 
to filter out your output dataset.

To see all volsers where first Status is different from second Status try out 
this ICETOOL statement:

INCLUDE COND=(<column of first STATUS>,6,CH,NE,<column of second STATUS>,6,CH)

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Elardus Engelbrecht

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