(Timothy Sipples) writes:
> I strongly disagree with the word "all." I don't think that word in this
> sentence is grounded in a reasonable, rational, informed assessment of
> comparative risks and testing costs.

re: ABO Automatic Binary Optimizer ABO Automatic Binary Optimizer ABO Automatic Binary Optimizer

I wrote a long tome on this 17Oct1980 for internal distribution
... about having single monolithic resource versus having huge number of
smaller resources capable of efficiently rolling in/roll back. They sent
somebody from Armonk corporate hdqtrs to slap my hands. I had already
had my hands slapped that summer ... being blamed for online computer
conferencing on the internal network (larger than arpanet/internet from
just about the beinning until sometime mid-80s). Folklore is that when
the corporate executive committee was told about online computer
communication (and the internal network), 5of6 wanted to fire me.

virtualization experience starting Jan1968, online at home since Mar1970

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