The advice I gave to anyone who would listen INSIDE IBM was:

Publish information on the kinds of transformations ABO does. That would
help build CONFIDENCE.

My advice to anyone using it, which echoes what's been said here is:

Test the ABO output to the extent you can.

Of course ABO might get a reputation for reliability or otherwise; Time
will tell.

Cheers, Martin

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> On 17 Oct 2016, at 00:25, Peter Relson <> wrote:
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> No, that is not what I meant.
> It goes back to this: "[ABO] ... produces a functionally equivalent
> executable program", which is a claim somewhere within the ABO site. OK,
> can see a search-box at the top of my screen (sorry, "page"). It is in
> User's Guide for ABO.
> That is either some snake-oil marketing-speak, or something underlies it.

> I assumed the latter, and that now seems to be borne out by further
> research.
> To me it amounts to "we can show that the program we produce, works in
> same way as the program we started with, it just does it differently".
> This is a very different thing from the mythical program which can test
> any given program.
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> I cannot agree.  That sort of statement in marketing material that I know

> of (my knowledge of such material is admittedly very limited) amounts to
> "that is our intent; if that is not the case then we will consider that a

> bug that we may fix".
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> My interpretation is this: "If the program is written in such a way that
> it complies with what is explicitly documented for the version of
> Enterprise COBOL that the program was last compiled with, that
> documentation being the appropriate Language Reference, Programming Guide

> and Migration Guide, and that all the data referenced by the given
> "complies with its PICture", then that will work in an identical manner
> with Enterprise COBOL V5+."
> </snip>
> And that sounds to me like the intent of the product. And when the intent

> is not met, it is a bug that we may fix.
> You seem to be looking for a guarantee of program correctness. If I am
> correct, a vendor (including IBM) cannot in ordinary circumstances offer
> that; they/we can offer only a warranty that defects will be dealt with.
> Peter Relson
> z/OS Core Technology Design
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