Data chaining was the original solution to this problem.

On Wed, 19 Oct 2016 00:27:56 +0200 Peter Hunkeler <> wrote:

:>Below discussion triggered a question I could not answer by RTFM. I had never 
thought about this before in this detail, but now that I do, I wonder if the 
following is correct.
:>Program allocates >4k of virtual storage. The real frames backing it may or 
may not be contiguous. The program wants to use this area with some interface 
(I/O, etc) that will use real addresses when accessing the storage, so it does 
a PGFIX. PGFIX would move the possibly non-contiguous frames guaranteeing the 
area is backed by contiguous frames. After all, the interface using real 
addresses would expect the the frames to be contiguous. 
:>Am I wrong? I would have expected to find this documented with the PGFIX or 
PGSER FIX macros, but did not find it.  

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