So one thing IBM may not have made clear, and I think this is correct.

The price you pay for V3/V4 Enterprise Cobol is the same price of V5/V6.  Why? 
A while back IBM decided to charge v3/v4 at the same price as V5/V6

Also, the ABO is not a "fix" to source code updates or having to run tests 
after a module has been run through ABO.  The audit for application changes may 
still require testing, regression testing, etc...

The key to this is:  When can you migrate from current Cobol version to V5/V6?  
If you have z/OS V2.2 on the horizon to roll out, it includes a new process to 
allow a concatenation of PDS/PDSE datasets in the IEFOPZxx member.  With this 
new function you can have the new PDSE checked first for the COBOL 
program/object and if not there look in the PDS.

IEFOPZxx contains statements that define the load library data set optimization 
configuration, which could, for example, provide a list of pairings of an old 
Cobol load library and the intended new load libraries (one for each desired 
architecture level) and specifies which members are to be processed 
(optimized). The IEFOPZ configuration is defined primarily in terms of 
IEFOPZ-Old/IEFOPZ-New load library data set pairs and DDNAME/JOBNAME pairs. A 
load library data set identified by the OLD parameter in IEFOPZxx is referred 
to as an IEFOPZ-Old data set. A load library data set identified by the NEW 
parameter in IEFOPZxx is referred to as an IEFOPZ-New data set.


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> I want to thank those who had responded to my earlier question. I had already
> been to a number of presentations on ABO, and have been following prior
> discussions about ABO here on IBM-MAIN. I am an infrequent poster, but
> constant reader. Anyway,  management had shown little interest in ABO until an
> IBM sales presentation yesterday.
> I thought I had seen something about keeping track of what had been optimized
> using Endevor or a similar product.
> Of course, management interest does not turn into licensed product without
> budgeting, so it all might be moot.
> Jeffrey Holst
> Systems Administator Senior
> Technology and Operations, Shared Services PNC

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