> On Aug 12, 2017, at 4:05 PM, Charles Mills <charl...@mcn.org> wrote:
> @Tony, thanks for starting a new thread. I was about to do so, realizing I 
> had hijacked a perfectly good dump-scrubbing thread.
> There was a lot of "how are they going to enforce it on us?" at the SHARE 
> sessions. My reply was "if you have deep pockets, I'm sure there is a team of 
> lawyers that would be happy to help you be a test case." I'm not a lawyer, 
> but my daughter is (albeit not an international justice lawyer) and might 
> have some experience in this area. I am with her next week and will ask her.
> The borderline examples are myriad. Here was mine. You are a bank. A customer 
> checks off US citizen on the account form and gives a US address. But she 
> also is an EU National and has an EU residence. You would have no way of 
> knowing that.
> And pity the poor Brits! Brexit comes *after* the effective date of GDPR, so 
> they have to make all the preparations for a law that will soon not affect 
> them.
> There was discussion about how you would erase every trace of someone's 
> existence if you have DB2 volume backup tapes buried deep in Iron Mountain. 
> And what if the lawyers were also telling you "you can't erase that -- we 
> have an open discovery action going on that"?
> I thought the most interesting observation came from two different companies 
> that said "we have to implement this -- so we might just as well do it for 
> all of our customers."
> Charles

This per se is not about dump scrubbing, but it does have to do with dumps.
In the 1980’s I had a job interview with an unnamed part of the government.
To say the least they handled a lot of Top Secret data.
I asked how they handled the dumps with IBM. Their answer was they didn’t. I 
asked, How do you send dumps to IBM. Their answer was that you didn’t.
All problem determination was done on the spot. I then asked what about IBM 
source? You can’t debug (very much) by looking at just instructions.
Their answer was (the best I can remember) was something like this, “the 
problem is not fixed”, I asked incredulously and you can work like this?
Their answer was “yes”.
Now, since then I have found out that at other secret installations, they have 
IBM people that have the right clearences that can talk on secure likes to 
other IBMers to resolve these types of issues.
Apparently this installation did not do this.
I turned down the job mainly because of that and I didn’t like living out in 
the desert.

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