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> Hello,
> I have two REXXs in USS on z/OS that I execute from a URL.  The ‘say’
> re-directs to a website.   Is it possible to execute these in a batch job?
> And if yes,  how will I know they worked?

​Basically, assuming I understand your question, the answer is "no". But,
then, I don't really know exactly what you are wanting your batch job to
do. Historically, a person uses a web browser to contact a web server with
a URL​. The web server decodes this URL and displays a page of output.
That's the simplest case. In your case, the web server does the equivalent
of saying "Go ask George" (re-direct). So the web browser, without
interaction with the end user, goes to the re-directed web server, perhaps
with a different URL. This is what your example REXX is doing -- telling
the web browser software to "go ask George".

I think what you are wanting is a way for a step in a batch job to "invoke"
a REST service. Yes, you can write REXX to do this. But it is basically
doing "low level" sockets programming in REXX using REXX Sockets.
This is not really for the faint of heart. You might find the following to
be of interest:

>  Thanks,
> Mary Kay

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