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> >
> >I think what you are wanting is a way for a step in a batch job to
> "invoke"
> >a REST service. Yes, you can write REXX to do this. But it is basically
> >doing "low level" sockets programming in REXX using REXX Sockets.
> Not necessarily. Using curl in a Unix shell script (which you can call
> through bpxwunix) it becomes a lot easier.

​True. I should have mentioned that. I have become somewhat leery of
mentioning "non statndard" software due to the number of times I've read
people say "management does not allow installation of unapproved software
(such as ...) and getting it approved is simply too much work". So I now
try to stay with software that is "built in" to z/OS.​

> The people at Rocket Software did an excellent job on porting curl (and
> other Unix utilities) to zOS. Works like a charm. Thanks Rocket, you saved
> me days of tinkering...

​Total agreement on that. I am very appreciative of their work.

> Cheers,
> Jantje.

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