Rugen, Len wrote:

>When things break and the application support team doesn't find a fix, the 
>systems team will eventually get involved.  

... tell me... I have been there (called in), got a dirty T-shirt for all my 

>The vendors typically won't help and management will demand a solution;l "you 
>must have changed something in the system".  

It sounds too familiar to me... Or they said: "*&^%$#$, you removed my access 
in RACF! Give it back! Now and I will NOT log a formal call! DO! IT! NOW!"

>It just takes longer when they bring problems in dead languages like UFO or 
>RPG :-)  

Which reminds me that I had to resolve a Clist problem some months ago. I 
resolved it by using REXX despite 'them' howling/b*tching like hungry wolves...

>I really blew their minds when I used SMS to implement TMM (Tape Mount  
>Management)... By job LOOKS like it worked, but it never mounted the TAPE!  

Cool! That is Sysprog Magic!

>The operators sure loved it :-)  

Sure, they're "tape apes". ;-D

Ok, I'm outta here... 8-D

Groete / Greetings
Elardus Engelbrecht

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