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>You need to set flag "S99NOCNV Do not use an existing allocation to satisfy
>this request."  But I don't know if BPXWDYN allows this.
z/OS    IBM Using REXX and z/OS UNIX System Services Version 2 Release 3
    Chapter 6. BPXWDYN: a text interface to dynamic allocation and dynamic 
        Requesting dynamic allocation
    Builds an allocation text unit (TU) from the specified string. 
    For example, alloc tu(000100010002c1c2) is equivalent to alloc fi(ab).
    TU can be used multiple times in an allocation request.


>Depends on what you call a bug... DYNALLOC itself has driven me crazy with
>all the various flags and options trying to figure out "convertible", etc.
It's worse than a bug; it's bad design defaulting to obfuscation with the
goal of performance.

-- gil

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